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A new season

Posted 10/3/2010 7:39pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks!

Welp, our 18 week CSA season and fall is finally beginning to show itself.  Even though the leaves have been dropping for several weeks now, it was a false start due to the drought-like conditions (Schuylkill Co. was declared a natural disaster area in early Sept. by the USDA).  Even though cool weather has arrived, we are still loaded with produce for the fall and early winter. Our hoophouse is going to help with season extension.  We currently have kohlrabi, spinach, salad greens, spicy mix, radish, and arugula among other things in our hoophouse and our plan is to construct another one this fall to be able to offer salad greens etc...for as long as possible and as early in the season as possible. 

Our first annual Pot-luck dinner was a great time to relax and enjoy eachother's company.  Next year we're going to do some yodeling!!!! 

So as the fieldwork and crop maintenance slows down, offseason projects pile up.  We are processing 50 of our pastured broiler chickens tomorrow morning (call or e-mail for details on purchase) and we are increasing our egg laying flock to 50.  We are discontinuing our egg shares for the CSA next year but will offer our eggs for sale as we have them available.  The corn crib that fell over a couple of weeks before we settled on purchasing the farm has to be dismantled and scrapped .  The strawberries need to be renovated before too long and garlic has to be planted before the ground freezes.  The barn needs to be re-wired and lots of carpentry has to be done on both the house and the barn.  

Most importantly, I am going to spend lots of time with Em and the kids especially helping Em with the schooling.  I am very excited to take a more active role in not just teaching but educating my kids and Em needs a classroom assistant!

We will be continuing with our markets as long as we have produce available and are offering on-line ordering for farm pick up on Tuesdays.  Our hope is to offer food for several more weeks.  This has inspired us to consider a 20 week CSA next year instead of 18!  So stay tuned.

Thank all of you who have supported us in so many ways. We are blessed to have shared with so many good people.  One downside of the fall and winter is now I have more time to post blogs and bug all of you!  Peace.