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And they're off...

Posted 6/7/2009 9:06pm by Michael Scheidel.

Well good folks, we survived the first week of our season.  Despite the rain, clouds, flea beetles, broken vehicles, all went very well.  Most of our local CSA members visited the farm for their first pick up instead of picking up at the markets.  This was a great opportunity for us to see everyone and to show everyone what we do.  I believe it really takes a first hand experience to build confidence and community.  The markets in Schuylkill Haven and Pottsville went well and I even mustered-up the guts to drive my new 1984, 24 FOOT LONG, Herr's potato chip truck to both markets.  Folks, I'll be straight, I'm terrified driving this thing.  I'll get used to it but man is it big and loud!  The sugar snap peas are perfect right now and the giant snow peas are right behind.  The garlic scapes are our family's favorite right now.  This morning Emily sautéd baby rainbow chard and scapes and mixed it with scrambled eggs.  MMMMMM, garlic.  The spicy greens add a nice bite to salad and the lettuce mix is on the table daily, usually topped with Easter-egg radishes.  I hope you have all been enjoying as much as we have.  Next week we hope to have a few varieties of head lettuce, kale, tatsoi and pac choi among others. 

This week we are trying out a new market in Allentown in addition to our two others.  They started last year with limited success but have since dedicated a market manager with some motivation to make it work.  Stay tuned for more.  For now, I need to sleep... Thank you all for your interest and support.