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Ari's "pain in the butt"

Posted 1/20/2012 12:43pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks, This is Ari. We had quite an exciting week...thought I would share with you all in case you see me hobbling around the farm for a little while :P While riding a draft horse this past Monday, a tractor trailor spooked the horse. I was riding bareback, and while she was bucking, I was thrown off and landed directly onto my tailbone and lower back. Half the family went with me to the Pottsville ER. After X-rays that showed no broken bones, and after giving me a Motrin dose, they sent me home. Upon getting home; after being in severe pain for several hours, a huge lump starting forming on my lower back and tailbone area. A few minutes after being home, I passed out in the kitchen. Dad luckily caught me on the way down, and put me on the floor. The lump on my back was growing, and the kids were freaked out when I came to. Dad called 911 because it started looking really bad. The ambulance got there 20 minutes later, and I was taken to St. Joe's Hospital in Reading. After several hours of being on morphine, and all sorts of IV's and wires and annoying nurses and doctors...they diagnosed the lump as a hemotoma. Basically, it's a large mass of internal bleeding and soft tissue damage. I was discharged the next morning. Now, I'm resting at home, and in a LOT less pain. I'm on crutches and pain medications, until the swelling of my back goes down. The multi-colored bruising, and soreness inside will take a while to completely heal. With my family, now that I'm conscious, not crying, and a little more mobile, I've been the recipient of lots of 'cute little kid' questions and remarks..... "Ari, why does your face look so white?" "Ari, you have RAINBOW on your back!!!" "Mom, look! SHE IS MOVING!!!!" Heeheehee ;P Can't wait for the growing season to begin, hopefully see you all in the spring. -Ari The Scheidels Little Peace Farm