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BAD Tomato Weather; Chef Demonstration at the Farm, Farm-to-Table

Posted 8/5/2013 5:36am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks,

What an emotional roller coaster ride growing tomatoes can be, especially organically.  We had the late frost in May and lost 20% of our planting.  Then the week or two of extreme heat which combined with the late frost pushed back ripening two or three weeks.  Now all this wet and cool weather, which spells slow ripening and lots of disease!  The abundance of rain has caused most of our ripening tomatoes to split right on the vine, juuuuuuust as they're turning color.  So some varieties like the red cherrys and yellow pears and already split/diseased out.  They gave heavily for a couple of weeks but couldn't handle all of the extremes.  Sungolds and purple cherrys are hanging in there.  If you notice fewer cherry tomatoes offered, this is why.  So if you grow your own tomatoes, be vigilant about disease especially late blight which has been confirmed in surrounding counties!  Let us know if you want any advice of what to look for or how to manage an infection.

Farmhouse Chef Demonstration
Chef Conrad from Ruby's Kitchen in Pottsville will be offering a free demonstration on preparing a fresh tomato sauce in our kitchen tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 6th) from 4:30-5:00.  Anyone is welcome and those picking up their CSA shares might find it easy to stay for an extra half-hour to learn from a very talented chef.  We'll be offering these short classes occasionally for the rest of the season. 

I could continue ignoring my field work and keep on typing but we've got a BIG week ahead of us.  Enjoy!  Gratefully.
The Scheidels
Little Peace Farm