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Breaking a sweat

Posted 2/21/2011 7:06pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks.  Well, last week we all enjoyed a warm snap that reminded us that there IS a different season and it is not too far off.  I have been wringing my hands for not being able to build my new greenhouse.  The ground needed to be leveled and the snow was too deep to drive my 6' ground stakes into the earth.  Because of the super-muddy conditions I was unable to get any equipment in to do the excavating so what does Mike do???  He excavates with a pic-ax and a shovel.  Not fun but once the snow was gone I got it done and I did it while wearing a tee shirt!  It felt great to be outside not bundled up.  The hoophouse was well into the 80's with spinach taking off and the kale and chard making a come back after lots of frozen nights.

I was sweating pretty hard this Saturday as well as we had sustained some wind damage to the hoophouse (by the way, when I refer to a hoophouse or high tunnel it means a greenhouse that is unheated other than passive solar heating where I grow plants directly in the ground; greenhouse or nursery is heated with fuel and is where I grow my seedlings for transplanting out into the field).  I watched out the window while a heavy gust waltzed our children's large trampoline across the field and slammed up against the new greenhouse frame I built days before.  When I checked the hoophouse for the millionth time I found that the entire south side tore from it's framing and was blowing out of control.  We managed to temporarily fasten the side down but did some damage in the process.  That wind was amazing and frustrated me while I watched things begin to fall apart, practically helpless.  Luckily that was the only damage we suffered so I think we did alright.

I am hoping to have the new greenhouse on line by the end of this week.  I already have flats of leeks and onions started under grow lights until I can get them out to the greenhouse and am seeding more flats each week.  DO NOT DESPAIR, A NEW SEASON IS UPON US!!!!!

We are dismantling the corn crib and are looking for some volunteers to help.  It will require some difficult work like removing the existing shingle roof, recycling all the remaining scrap metal (I already removed the tin roof and recycled it locally), and burning the timbers and wood that we don't want to salvage.  I'll throw a request for help out there once we get a little closer to warmer weather. 

So we hope all are well and are looking forward to the season.  We have so many plans in the works it makes our heads spin but it is truly ALL GOOD.  Thank you for your support! Stay tuned.

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm