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Calf, Calves, and Last Chance for Discount!

Posted 1/13/2018 8:54am by Michael Scheidel.

Hey Good Folks!
What a ride this winter season has been so far.  Not that I need to remind anyone but...record early freeze in early November, record stretch of cold mid Dec. through early Jan., record warm yesterday and down to 8 (!!!!!!) tonight!  Lots of record breakers so far.  The cold has brought some challenges to the farm but I look at it as a blessing for someone who farms without spraying fungicides or synthetic pesticides; the cold temps kill off lots of disease and larva that would survive a mild winter.  That means hopefully less disease and pest pressure in the spring and summer.


At the end of November we welcomed Scarlet to our farm.  This was the second calf for Ruby, our milker, and she had a real hard time birthing her.  The night was barely in the double digits and the kids had finally given up seeing the birth and went to bed so just Emily and I were in the barn waiting and watching.  Finally, after hours of real stressful and unproductive labor, I decided that I had to pull the calf, which we thought had died.  Well, that wet plop of fur hit the straw and after several seemingly endless seconds gave it's first wiggle, a sign of life.  Emily and I were shocked she made it and were high five-ing and hugging and crying (ahem...only Em) that what one moment seemed a hopeless situation turned into one of complete Joy and relief.  


Three of our children are treading some new territory this year in deciding to raise Holstein dairy beef calves for 4H.  The days-old calves were delivered to us this week and very quickly got accustomed to their new digs!  We are foregoing milk from our cow for about a month and feeding the milk to these three.  We think that instead of artificial milk replacer, we would start them out with the best that they can get; mother's milk!    

Early Bird Discount Almost Over!

We are offering our CSA shares for 2018 at a discounted rate only until January 15th.  See our previous post for all the details and take advantage of a great deal!

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm