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Change, dry heat, Phillies, and garlic

Posted 7/5/2010 8:56pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks.  I wrote more blogs when I was chubbier and the weather was about 70 degrees cooler.  During the growing season I rarely have time but tonight...


We are on the cusp of the change from spring vegetables to summer.  Peas, spring mix, fava beans, garlic scapes, tatsoi, and some lettuce varieties have gone the way of the dodo for the season and have made room for summer crisp lettuces, beans (yellow wax and green) tomatoes of many varieties, eggplant, peppers, etc...  I have to say I will miss the scapes that we love to eat.  Emily freezes some but there is nothing like fresh ones! 


I spent most of the day today trying to decide if I was delerious or suffering from heat exposure.  The plants may be feeling the same way.  Everything was droopy by mid-day today.  I am irrigating from a pond which is making a big difference however.  I know of one grower who uses NO irrigation whatsoever and I can't imagine they are doing so well lately.  I just gave another grower some extra drip irrigation tape that I had and I am hoping it will save most of his crop.  They want almost 100 degrees for the next two days so stay cool.  My hope is that we get some precipitation soon.  We are bone dry.  The ponds are noticeably lower, the stream between them has stopped flowing, and a neighboring farmer just sucked one of his ponds dry today! 


Spank the Braves on these three HOT homestand games!


We pulled garlic last week and it looks good.  We took it to the barn today to finish curing so we could possibly have some available this week.  We'll have all the fixins for bruschetta before you know it! 

Thank you to all volunteers and supporters of our efforts.  We are humbled every day by the gift we get to share with all of you; safe, fresh food!

Michael and Emily and kids

Little Peace Farm