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Farm Update:Fields, New CSA Member Farm Walk, Sale this Weekend, and more

Posted 5/14/2012 8:55pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks.  I wanted to drop you a line but also direct you to a cooking blog managed by a great friend of Little Peace Farm.  Deb Davis and her friend Joan have put together a great place to help you prepare simple meals with local foods.  Check out their latest posts by clicking on this link!  Here's what's happening at the farm!

The Fields

I tend to over-do it sometimes and I think this time it was potatoes.  I have about  half acre planted in several varieties so if all goes well, get ready for some taters!  The oniony thing not planted yet is leeks and they're due to go in as soon as we dry out a bit.  Otherwise, all onions are planted.  Strawberries are a complete bust again this year.  This time it was due to the deep freezes we had a few weeks ago.  Everyone in the region lost their berries so watch for high prices and lots of imports!  The first beans are in and include green and yellow plus the flat Italian beans most of you saw last year.  I'm also planting canellini and some dry beans for winter use and storage.  I just planted the most sweet corn I've ever put in at once so if the crows, bugs, deer, racoons, and lunatic chef's don't get to it, we hope to have an abundance in mid-July!  Peas; giant snow, small snow, snap and shell peas are all trellised and starting to flower.  In between a couple of rows of peas we've got cabbages and collards planted.  Garlic is just about to push scapes so look for those the first weeks of CSA/Markets.  The high tunnel is now planted with several varieties of heirloom tomatoes and a bed of tomatoes I grafted.  This experiment has already yielded some great results but they'll be even better when we can eat the results! 

New CSA Member Farm Walk and Sale this Weekend

We wanted to offer an opportunity for new CSA members to come to the farm and see where/how/and by whom their food is grown.  The date will be Saturday, May 19th.  We will gather at 2:00 and tour the farm on foot including: nursery, hoophouse, high tunnel, fields in cover crop, fields in vegetables, the barn and animals, our wash/pack house etc...  This would be a great opportunity for new members to meet some other folks participating in our CSA and a way to preview what we will be offering during the season.  This will coincide with a vegetable sale day for "veteran" members and customers so we will have extra greens, eggs, and cheeses available to purchase as well. We'll have bibb and speckled lettuce heads as well as lettuce salad mix, spicy mix, Asian greens , cress, kale, rainbow chard, and more.  We'll be sending out an e-mail tomorrow night with instructions how to order online. 

If you are a new member of Little Peace Farm or considering joining the CSA and are interested in participating, please RSVP by e-mail no later than May 16th.  After the farm walk we will gather for some light snacks and refreshments.  Feel free to bring a snack to share and let us know in your RSVP what you plan on bringing (no pressure, any light snack would do!).  Also, please dress for the outdoors as this will be a rain or shine event. Hope to see some new faces on the 19th.

Broiler Chickens and Laying Hens

Our first batch of broiler chickens are out on pasture!  They outgrew their brooder and the weather was perfect so they are now gobbling up the fresh grass and bugs that the field.  STAY TUNED FOR PRE-ORDERING YOUR CHICKEN!  The laying hens are finally starting to lay fairly consistent sized brown eggs.  We are selling them here at the farm on an honor system; come any daylight hours Monday through Saturday and help yourself!  Someone here will be glad to show you where to find them if you don't already know! 



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