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Paint, goats and chickens, peas and onions

Posted 3/13/2012 8:41pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks! 


I hate painting.  I despise the prep work, the painting itself, and the clean up.  I do, however, enjoy the looks of a freshly painted room.  So that and Emily's loving motivation ("Mike, get it done or you don't eat this week!") is encouraging me to git 'er done.  A former student of mine from Kutztown U. has dedicated his Spring Break to helping us here at the farm.  Little did he know he wouldn't be doing any farm work per se.  Manny Torres, Ari, Em and I are scraping wallpaper, spackling, and painting two rooms and a hallway and having carpet installed in the two rooms.  This old farm house needs a lot of work and we're getting at it one baby step at a time. 

Goats & Chickens

We are the proud new owners of three pygmy goats.  Grace wanted the responsibility of owning some animals like her big sister so we did our homework and decided on pygmies.  Any animal on our farm must add to it and we hope to be making our frist batches of goat milk soap this summer some time.  We also added 30 red sex-link laying hens to our existing flock.  They have finally acclimated to their surroundings and the existing flock so we should have lots more eggs to sell in the coming weeks.  You should have heard the barn when we added the goats and chickens to the sheep and existing chicken flock.  Like a very strange symphony!


While trying to find any excuse NOT to scrape wallpaper, I tilled some ground and planted our first peas.  They are early snap peas and could be ready to harvest by early May.  I'll direct seed some dwarf snow peas and shell peas in the coming days as well.  Our intention is to have lots of these sweet spring treats as early as possible to get a second planting in these beds.


We are also planting some onion sets for early bunching onions in our experimental perennial beds.  These are 250' long beds that were in tomatoes last seson.  Instead of disturbing the soil by plowing the whole field, our plan is to coninually plant only in these beds.  We mow in between them and weed only the beds themselves and save fertilizer by only fertilizing where we plant.  We are constantly trying to improve soil by adding organic matter and cutting down on tillage.  

Stay tuned for more farm news!  Peace.



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