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Seeds, CSA, and More!

Posted 1/15/2017 3:34pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey folks!

There is a slight air of depression in our household especially from some who are normally rather sunny.  My explanation; vitamin D deficiency!  It's been cold and overcast a lot lately and that works on us whether we realize it or not.  So if you are feeling blue, blame it on the solar system and remember that LIFE is so good!  Warmer days will be here before we know it!


The annual ritual of ordering new seed is underway.  I begin by first bringing all contents of my seed fridge into the kitchen and inventorying every seed I've got.  I have seed broken up into several categories by type like brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts), herbs (basils, cilantro, fennel), cucurbits (squash, watermelon, cucumbers) and of course tomatoes (30-40 varieties of heirlooms).  After getting a grip on my stock, I lay out my most trusted seed company catalogs (Johnny's, High Mowing, Fedco, Baker's Creek and more) and spend a couple days deciding on varieties to replace or replenish, always looking for new and interesting varieties.  I AM A SUCKER FOR A COLOR CATELOG especially in the winter!  We only buy organic/non-GMO/non-treated seed which is more expensive and sometimes harder to find but definitely worth going the extra mile!  I will share any new varieties as soon as I can get my head out of these catalogs. 


Another annual ritual you all get the pleasure of experiencing is me urging folks to get off the fence and join our CSA!!!  This is how we survive winter, order seed and supplies and start the farm up for another growing season.  So if you are considering joining a CSA, consider ours.  We are EXTREMELY blessed and grateful for our faithful regulars who have supported us year after year.  You put the COMMUNITY in CSA!  If you have any questions regarding our CSA, always feel free to e-mail us. 


Stay tuned for more farm news including how I educate myself in the winter, plans for the upcoming season, and new ways we are growing! 

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm