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Spring's Here!

Posted 1/7/2012 7:35pm by Michael Scheidel.

Well, not really, but by the looks of things around here you'd think we were deep into March!  Emily did some overdue raking of a flower bed today and found crocus and columbine pushing greens.  The kids are all running around outside in tee-shirts, playing in the stream.  I can't say I mind it much.  Makes doing some of the chores more pleasant but definately strange.  By now I'm used to strange weather.  Each of the last 5 seasons has been tougher than the previous.  But I'm not here to complain; I'll save that for my JULY RANT!


If this pertains to you, please be mindful of the date.  This is the income we rely on for ordering seed and supplies for the upcoming season!  E-mail or call if you need to know your balance.  If you are having ANY issue getting the funds together in one payment, let us know.  We are open to making arrangements for ANYONE who needs. 


Our plan is to have a sale every two weeks with lots of greens coming out of the high tunnel and some of the sweetest carrots coming out of the field (covered in straw and row cover).  Ordering is done online and each announcement of the sale will have instructions on how to order if you are new to the process.  The next sale will be for next week (ordering Thurs and Fri, pick-up on Sat).   Stay tuned!