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Welcome to the blog.
Posted 1/25/2014 9:48am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey Frozen Folks!

Extra Citrus
Well after heating the market room for two days with the woodstove and space heaters the citrus we ordered is MOSTLY gone.  After the folks who pre-ordered citrus picked up their orders we have 5 full cases of Hamlin Juice Oranges available. This variety is mild in color and flavor and makes an excellent drink in the morning!  These oranges are grown on a certified organic grove in Fla. but since they are from trees on the border of their property with other conventional groves, they are not considered 100% organic. The cost is $25 for a half case and $50 for a full case.  A case includes approximately 100 fruits or about 40-45 lbs.  We are selling these on a first come/first served basis so order right away by responding to this e-mail.  

First Seeds
I thought you all would like to know that we are seeding the first of our plants in the nursery today for the 2014 growing season.  Onions take a very long time to grow and we start our own plants this week and eventually transplant them out in May.  These are red and white varieties and also large garden onions called Ailsa Craig.  So, amidst all of this frozen weather there IS hope!

We are open for new CSA members for the 2014 growing season.  Check out details on our website and let us know if you have any questions!   

Thanks and stay tuned for more farm news!

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm

Posted 1/3/2014 10:33am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
Wow it's cold outside!  The upside: bacteria and mold spores that cause trouble in the summer growing season and survive mild winters are NOT going to survive this arctic blast.  The downside: nervous about water pipes, cold animals (we've got 3 hogs and a flock of hens), blowing through heating oil and slippery roads.  Let's be glad we don't live in coastal NY!!!

CSA Balances Due!   
For those who have already sent in deposits and for those who plan to join our CSA for the 2014 season please be aware that BALANCES ARE DUE BY JANUARY 15TH!!!  If you don't know your balance send us an e-mail and we'll let you know.  This revenue is key to starting up the new season and getting through the next couple winter months so please be aware of the date.  After this date we can assess how many shares we'll still have available. 

New CSA Members
Welcome to our new CSA members for the 2014 season.  Look for e-mails in the next few weeks about our winter markets and other planned farm events.  

Grassroots Marketing
We have grown over the past few years mostly because of good folks like you spreading the word about our farm. The CSA (community supported agriculture) model is difficult for folks new to the idea to grasp; "I pay how much, when, why, for who, for what..."  And believe us it is hard sometimes to promote!  So along with some new marketing ideas we are relying on you to spread the word about us.  Thank you for talking us up and especially for eating food grown on our chemical free, sustainable, small family farm.       

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm

Posted 12/21/2013 6:42am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
Here's an early Christmas gift for America's small farmers.  Last year the FDA proposed an extremely lopsided piece of legislation under the guise of food safety that would have levied serious financial burden on small farms; basically applying the same rules and inspection fees for small farms like ours as large industrial operations.  I submitted my comments on the proposed legislation to our representatives and participated in webinars trying to understand the proposal.  Yesterday it was announced that the FDA has issued a surprise reversal on their proposal but will revise and resubmit next year some time.  So for now the small family farm is safe from the disconnected mindset that any legislation for farms could be one-size-fits-all. 
Below is an excerpt from Jim Gerritsen's recent post on his website.  Jim is an organic potato (and more) farmer in Maine who owns and operated Wood Prairie Farm and is a leading advocate for GMO labeling and the fight against Mon(ster)sa(tan)nto!  

Thank you for supporting our farm!  Peace.
The Scheidels

Posted 12/18/2013 10:55am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
After the citrus pick up yesterday we have 6-7 cases of pink grapefruit left.  The cost is 47.50 and there are approximately 40 fruits/case.  E-mail us if you are interested and we'll work out pick up arrangements.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more farm news!
Posted 12/13/2013 8:11am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey folks,
Due to the threat of snow tomorrow we are opening our "Christmas Down on the Farm" tomorrow at 10 a.m. instead of 12.  Hope to see you in the morning! 
The Scheidels
Little Peace Farm   
Posted 12/8/2013 7:04pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
We are partnering again with Thorpe's Organic Family Farm in New York to offer you fresh and excellent quality certified organic citrus fruit.  Mike and Gayle Thorpe own an organic citrus grove in Florida and travel there to work the grove and harvest the fruit during the winter months.  They are traveling back to NY and passing through PA on Monday, Dec. 16th with their first shipment and we are taking orders for the following: 

*Red Grapefruits-very sweet and beautiful rose colored interior; small, medium and large mixed in each case, very few seeds.

*Hamlin Oranges-excellent for slicing in to wedges or juicing especially to mix with red grapefruit or honey tangerine; some seeds. 

The Hamlin Oranges come in cases which weigh about 40-45 lbs. and total between 100-120 oranges per case.  The grapefruit cases weigh approximately 30 lbs. and include around 38-42 fruits per case.  The cost is $56.25/case of oranges and $47.50/case for the grapefruit.  

Pick up will be here at the farm on December 16 (details to come as the day gets closer!).  FULL CASE ORDERS ONLY!  Please also remember that if you order, you are committing to purchasing and picking up the fruit!  This is an excellent opportunity to get fresh, organic citrus for an excellent price.  If you think a case is too much for you consider splitting one with a friend or squeeze and freeze!!!  The online ordering window opens today and closes on Thursday, Dec. 12th.  Order right away as we have a limit to the number of cases we can order!  

Thank you all!    


*on our website, click on "Citrus Orders" under the CSA/Ordering tab.

*there is no need to log in as this is open for any subscirber to our website! 

*once you login, you will see the varieties of citrus we have available including a photo and description.  Make your selections and proceed to checkout by clicking on VIEW CART.

*Click SAVE AND CHECKOUT.  You must choose Little Peace Farm for pick up!

*Then click CHOOSE AND CONTINUE.  You will see your complete order including total.  GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND CLICK COMPLETE CHECKOUT. 

*You will receive a confirmation e-mail within moments of completing your orderIf you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, you did not order correctly!

Posted 11/28/2013 11:30am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!

We wanted to send a note to thank all of you who have supported our farm in so many ways this year: praying for us, joining our CSA, spreading the word, marketing for us, visiting us at the markets, working on the farm, driving for us, babysitting, fixing things, lending equipment, participating in our farm events, ...  A true community supported farm is in a perpetual state of thanksgiving for those who trust and support the effort to feed our family and yours.  Gratefully.

The Scheidels
Little Peace Farm  
Posted 11/11/2013 7:11pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
Just a reminder that if you are interested in joining/re-joining our CSA for the 2014 season, deposits of at least $50 (or the full amount if you choose) are due by this Friday, November 15th.  Full balances are due by January 15th.  Prices will remain the same as last year; half shares are 6 items/week $385 and full shares are 10 items/week $585.  PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO MICHAEL OR EMILY SCHEIDEL instead of Little Peace Farm (bank is now charging us for our business check deposits=( !!!).  If you are considering joining but need to make alternate payment arrangements, PLEASE LET US KNOW.  Stay tuned for more farm news!  Gratefully!

The Scheidels
Little Peace Farm
Posted 9/19/2013 8:40pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!

Reminder that we will NOT be at the Pottsville Farmer's Market this weekend due to Ari's wedding!  We will see all of our Pottsville friends on Saturday, September 28.  For Pottsville CSA members this means we'll extend the season for one week for you; your last Satruday pick-up will be October 19th.  Next Tuesday, Sept. 24th is a normal pick up for farm pick-up CSA members.   

We had a strange phenomenon in the pumpkin/winter squash patch this season and it resulted in a very sparse crop.  I planned for a whopper of a harvest this season like last year and the one previous but sometimes in this business, the plans aren't mine!  We will have some butternuts and random pumpkins to share with CSA members and maybe some extras for market but otherwise, a small crop.  That's all part of supporting a small farm like ours; we all feel the impact when we lose something.  Community Supported Agriculture. 

On the bright side...the fall head lettuces, cauliflower, savoy cabbage and broccoli are starting to look really good.  We are trying Romanesco and a purple cauliflower for the first time this season so let us know after you try some.  I seeded greens like spicy mix, arugula, chinese cabbage, salad mix and turnips and radishes all of which you'll see in a couple of weeks.  

Fall/Winter CSA
We have a couple shares left for our fall CSA.  The season will be 8 weeks from the first week in November until Christmas.  Half shares ($150) will include 5 items/week and full shares ($300) will be 10.  Deposits for the full cost of the share are due by October 1st.  See our previous post on our website for more details.  

Thanks to everyone who has helped us with this very crazy week!  Gratefully.

The Scheidels
Little Peace Farm
Posted 9/2/2013 6:48am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!

We've been getting a lot of inquiries about our fall/winter CSA and I wanted to send the very first details. 

We ARE going to offer a fall/winter share this season which will run 8 weeks; from the first week in November until the week of Christmas.  Pick up day is likely going to be Tuesday evenings from 5-6 in the market room (cracklin' fire in our woodstove if it's cold!).  We are offering half (5 items/week) and full (10 items/week) shares and the costs will be $150 and $300 respectively.  

An example of fall vegetables includes the following; salad mix, bibb head lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, carrots, beets, turnips, radish, arugula, spinach, potatoes (red, Yukon Gold, blue), tatsoi, bok-choi, onions, spicy greens mix, napa cabbage, sweet potato, cilantro and dried beans (we are harvesting now for fall!).  This list is NOT all-inclusive.  Depending on the weather, the list may also include broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco, cabbage and winter squash!

Fall/winter shareholders will order online through our website the items they would like each week.     

We are offering a limited number of fall/winter shares so if you are interested and wish to reserve a share, please send a $50 deposit or full balance right away.  The deposit or full balance will ensure you a share.  If sending a $50 deposit only, full balances will be due by October 1st.

We always look forward to the change in season and the winter vegetables and hope you do too!  Gratefully.

The Scheidels
Little Peace Farm