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Welcome to the blog.
Posted 11/14/2010 7:33pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey folks!
Below is what we have available this week for farm pick-up on Tuesday evening from 4-6.  Please get your orders in as soon as possible (tomorrow evening at the latest) so we can have enough time for harvest.

Also, deposits ($50) or full payments for 2011 shares are due this week for returning CSA members!  Then we begin to solicit the general public to fill the remaining shares.  Please let us know even if you are NOT interested in purchasing a share for next season so we don't have to bug you(hehehehehe).  Thank you all who have gotten back to us.  We are excited to have a rest but also are planning for next season with some new varieties, colors and flavors.

-broccoli raab/rapini-$2.00/bunch
-red lettuce salad -$3.50/bag
-mesculin mix (tatsoi, arugula, mustard, cress,....)-$3.50/bag
-turnips with greens-$2.00/bunch
-acorn squash-$2.50
-napa cabbage-$3.00/humongous head!
-savoy cabbage-$2.00/head
-red beets-$2.00/bunch
-parsley (flat lear for curly)-$1.50/bunch

My apologies for those receiving this e-mail multiple times!  Hope all are warm and well.  Peace.
Posted 11/8/2010 6:14am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
Below is what we have available for pick-up this week.  Pick-up is Tuesday between 4 and 6 and your orders are due by this evening (tomorrow morning at the latest!).  We are able to provide for a few more weeks and the hoophouse should give us greens for the winter.

Also, a reminder that your 2011 CSA deposits or payments AND MEMBER AGREEMENTS are due by November 15th.  If you only make a partial payment or a $50 deposit, the balance is due January 15th.  The half share (6 items/week, 20 weeks) costs $328 and the full share (10 items/week, 20 weeks) costs $578.  Our charge has not increased, we've just added an additional two weeks to the CSA season.  As always, if you have difficulty making the payments PLEASE LET US KNOW and we'll make arrangements.  Remember that we also offer work-shares (call or visit website for details).   

Arugula $3.50/bag
pink beauty radish $1.50/bunch
spinach $3.50/bag
Napa $3/head (these are huge)
red cabbage $2/head
savoy cabbage $2/head (we're making kraut with these)
turnips with greens $2/bunch
red beets $2/bunch
red kale $2/bunch
acorn squash $2.50/each
broccoli $2/bunch
fennel $1.75/ bunch

Thank you for your orders and we hope all are warm and well.  Peace.
Posted 10/29/2010 12:08pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
We wanted to remind our CSA members and friends that we will be at the Pottsville Farmer's Market again this Saturday from 8-12.  We finished our season at the Plaza Grower's Market in Allentown this week but will continue restaurant deliveries in the Lehigh Valley for a few weeks to come.  Below is a list of most of the items we will have in P-ville this weekend:
-red beets
-pink beauty radish
-purple top turnips w/greens
-broccoli (we have a lot !)
-cauliflower (limited)
-green and red salad mix
-baby bibb lettuce
-mizuna greens
-purple, savoy, and napa cabbages
-acorn squash
-sweet peppers
-hot peppers

We will continue to take orders for Tuesday farm pick up as long as we have produce! 

We hope all are enjoying the fall weather and staying warm (we are not turning on our heat until at least Nov. 1st!!!).  Thank you all for your continued support of our family and sustainably grown food!  Peace.
Posted 10/26/2010 8:31am by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!
Believe it or not, even as we are still harvesting, we are preparing for next year's CSA.  Lots of you have been asking when you can send checks for a share in next season's produce, flowers and herbs. 

After learning that we can provide produce well into the fall, we have decided to extend our CSA from 18 weeks to a 20 week season.  This means that you will receive your shares for an additional two weeks in October.
As we do each year, we ask for a $50 deposit OR the full balance of the share you select, by November 15th. 
Half Share: 6 items per week for 20 weeks; $328
Full Share: 10 items per week for 20 weeks; $578
Flower and Herb Share: 1 bouquet fresh cut flowers, two bunches fresh herbs per week for 20 weeks; $78
Good Steward Shares: members can either purchase an additional share or contribute ANY amount to the Good Steward Bank to purchase shares for anonymous families in the community to participate in the CSA.

The cost of our shares only increased in proportion to last year's prices and the addition of two weeks!  The balances are due by January 15th 2011.  REMEMBER THAT IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE MAKING THE BALANCE IN ONE SHOT EITHER BY NOVEMBER OR JANUARY, LET US KNOW.  We are always willing to make arrangements to make payment easier.  Please make checks payable to Little Peace Farm and mail along with a completed 2011 Member Agreement found on our website under the CSA tab.  Our mailing address is on the bottom of each page on the website.  

Details about our shares can be found on the website under the "CSA" tab. 

Again, we thank all of those who have been so supportive and faithful.  We hope to grow for you for many years to come.  Peace.

Little Peace Farm
Posted 10/12/2010 7:24pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey good folks!  Sorry about the repeat if you already got this... but since we canceled our Saturday market in Pottsville and realize some of you couldn't make it to pick up today at the farm, we are offering another pick up this Friday, Oct. 15th from 4-6.  Please select your items from the list below and e-mail us your order no later than Thursday evening.  In addition to the items below we will be offering our pastured chicken, eggs, flowers, canned goods, ornamental gourds and pumpkins.  We will be returning to the Pottsville market the following Saturday.  Hope all are well. 
-spring mix 3.25
-green kale 2.00
-arugula 3.25
-broccoli raab 2.00
-broccoli bunches 2.00
-quarts white potato 3.00
-Napa cabbage 3.00 (warning!  some of these are huge!)
-green savoy cabbage 2.00
-purple cabbage 2.00
-red beets 2.00/bunch
-radish (mixed color) 1.50/bunch
-Italian, lime, and thai basil 1.50/bunch
-cilantro 1.50/bunch
-fennel 1.75/bulb
-mixed colored pepper quarts 3.00 or .50cents/pepper
-jalapeno pints 2.75
-cayenne pints 2.75
-mixed hot pepper pints 2.75
Posted 10/3/2010 7:39pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey all,
Now that our CSA season is over, we will be taking orders for pick up here at the farm on Tuesday evenings 4-6 (note the time change, used to be 4-7!).  Please order from the following items this weekand apologies to those who have already gotten this message:

-our very own pastured chickens (processing them tomorrow; $2.50/lb fresh or frozen)
-radish $1.50 (long French breakfast or mixed color Easter egg)
-Napa cabbage $3
-red cabbage $2
-green savoy cabbage $2
-white potato $3/quart
-garlic half pints $3.25
-spring mix $3.25/8 oz. bag
-arugula $3.25/8/oz. bag
-green kale $2
-red beets $2
-broccoli raab $2
-mixed color peppers .50 cents each
-bunched broccoli $2
-butternut squash $3
-acorn squash $2.50
-pie pumpkin 2/3/$4 depending on size
-flower bouquets $2.50
-tomato quarts (ONLY IF WE HAVE THEM) $4

-basil, lemon basil, cilantro, flat leaf or curly parsley, spearmint, mint, nasturtium flowers (edible), calendula flowers (edible)

Additional items to expect in the coming weeks include: fennel, turnips, cauliflower, parsnip, head lettuce, kohlrabi, red kale ...

We will also have some other products available for you to browse while you are here.  Please let us know your order by Monday night so we can pick it all fresh and have it ready for you by Tuesday evening.  Hope all are well! 
Posted 10/3/2010 7:39pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks!

Welp, our 18 week CSA season and fall is finally beginning to show itself.  Even though the leaves have been dropping for several weeks now, it was a false start due to the drought-like conditions (Schuylkill Co. was declared a natural disaster area in early Sept. by the USDA).  Even though cool weather has arrived, we are still loaded with produce for the fall and early winter. Our hoophouse is going to help with season extension.  We currently have kohlrabi, spinach, salad greens, spicy mix, radish, and arugula among other things in our hoophouse and our plan is to construct another one this fall to be able to offer salad greens etc...for as long as possible and as early in the season as possible. 

Our first annual Pot-luck dinner was a great time to relax and enjoy eachother's company.  Next year we're going to do some yodeling!!!! 

So as the fieldwork and crop maintenance slows down, offseason projects pile up.  We are processing 50 of our pastured broiler chickens tomorrow morning (call or e-mail for details on purchase) and we are increasing our egg laying flock to 50.  We are discontinuing our egg shares for the CSA next year but will offer our eggs for sale as we have them available.  The corn crib that fell over a couple of weeks before we settled on purchasing the farm has to be dismantled and scrapped .  The strawberries need to be renovated before too long and garlic has to be planted before the ground freezes.  The barn needs to be re-wired and lots of carpentry has to be done on both the house and the barn.  

Most importantly, I am going to spend lots of time with Em and the kids especially helping Em with the schooling.  I am very excited to take a more active role in not just teaching but educating my kids and Em needs a classroom assistant!

We will be continuing with our markets as long as we have produce available and are offering on-line ordering for farm pick up on Tuesdays.  Our hope is to offer food for several more weeks.  This has inspired us to consider a 20 week CSA next year instead of 18!  So stay tuned.

Thank all of you who have supported us in so many ways. We are blessed to have shared with so many good people.  One downside of the fall and winter is now I have more time to post blogs and bug all of you!  Peace.



Posted 8/24/2010 5:39am by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks!  I wanted to thank everyone who made it possible for Em and I to get away to the Coast for our 10th anniversary; ARI, Barb and Jerry, Dan and Jess, Katie and Chris, Adam and Bec,  Josh, Sammy, Sandy, Jen, Michael, Manny...I hope I didn't forget anyone. 

Em and I did the Allentown market and at the end, donated all of what was left to the A-town ecumenical food bank.  We ate across the street from the market at the Brew Works (great beer and food) and left for the coast.  When we got to our B&B in Cape May that evening, the owner met us and said, "Wow do you guys look tired.  Go to bed and we'll square up in the morning!"  That's how pathetic we must have looked.  Anyway, the weather was great, the food was fantastic and our B&B was perfect for us.  We rested wherever and whenever we wanted (no kids!!!!) and were confident the farm was in good hands.  I brought a tote of mixed heriloom tomatoes and met a chef who was willing to trade us a gourmet dinner for the tomatoes.  The restaurant is called Sean's and is facing the beach in Cape May.  Highly recommended as he uses lots of local products and promotes organic dishes often.  

Now we're back in the swing.  We have 6 weeks left for the CSA and will likely do the markets as long as possible.  I got a comment this weekend from a customer that they wish there were more greens.  This has been a very tough summer for growing greens and for germination. We've lost over 1000 heads of lettuce and two huge beds of carrots never germinated.  So we will have no carrots other than the heirlooms I have now.  We were hoping on having lots for the restaurants, markets, CSA but the seeds simply didn't germinate due to the hot and dry conditions.  Kale is right around the corner and spring mix is back this week.  We'll also have late spinach.  Pumpkins, acorn squash, butternuts, ornamental gourds all look good as do our savoy and red cabbages.

I am also seeding/planting the hoophouse for the fall and winter.  We are hoping to extend our season to include lots of greens.  We'll keep you posted.   

So needless to say we are in full swing still.  September is usually an extremely abundant time for the farm.  Look for the changes on the market tables.  Thank all of you for supporting us in so many ways.  We look forward to a great late season of produce.  Peace.




Posted 7/11/2010 8:27pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks.  It's rare that I post two blogs in one summer but I wanted to take the time tonight.


I think I hit a point in each growing season of despair and exhaustion; and last week was a rough week and the tipping point.  We survived the heat but markets didn't go too well and sales were down.  At this point in the season if markets don't do well, I start to think about living through the fall!  Then I stumbled upon a problem with our well known garlic (more on that below...).  So during the Saturday market this weekend, after I assured myself again that this whole effort was not working I received the usual divinely sent encouragement that helps keep us going.  Several of our members and customers took the time to look me in the eyes and tell me that they are grateful for what we are growing and will support us unconditionally.  It really hit me this weekend that we are truly living the C(ommunity)S(upported)A(griculture) model of farming.  I bust my rump to provide for my community and family and in return the community supports us with participation through good times and bad.  It sounds so simple but I really feel so humbled to be part of this extremely important equation. So without getting mushy, THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT.  Without it we'd all be less healthy.  I'd be stuck in a cubicle somewhere and you all would be eating chips and hot dogs all day (hehehehehe). 


The previous comments were not written as a segue!  The garlic we have been so excited about was harvested during the hottest days on record and some of it was roasted either in the ground or while lying in the sun waiting to go to the barn for curing.  I've never seen anything like this.  Sun roasted garlic sounds good but it compromises the storage quality of the bulb.  So the whole family (yes, even Hope) went through what I estimate as about 200 lbs. of garlic and graded out the bulbs with soft cloves for processing.  We will look at all of these bulbs and separate out the soft cloves.  So expect to find a soft clove in an occasional bulb and also expect to see half pints of cloves, not bulbs, during your pick-ups.   

I hope all are enjoying our bounty and are doing well.  Keep an eye on the website as we are going to add some new photos soon!  Peace.


Posted 7/5/2010 8:56pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey good folks.  I wrote more blogs when I was chubbier and the weather was about 70 degrees cooler.  During the growing season I rarely have time but tonight...


We are on the cusp of the change from spring vegetables to summer.  Peas, spring mix, fava beans, garlic scapes, tatsoi, and some lettuce varieties have gone the way of the dodo for the season and have made room for summer crisp lettuces, beans (yellow wax and green) tomatoes of many varieties, eggplant, peppers, etc...  I have to say I will miss the scapes that we love to eat.  Emily freezes some but there is nothing like fresh ones! 


I spent most of the day today trying to decide if I was delerious or suffering from heat exposure.  The plants may be feeling the same way.  Everything was droopy by mid-day today.  I am irrigating from a pond which is making a big difference however.  I know of one grower who uses NO irrigation whatsoever and I can't imagine they are doing so well lately.  I just gave another grower some extra drip irrigation tape that I had and I am hoping it will save most of his crop.  They want almost 100 degrees for the next two days so stay cool.  My hope is that we get some precipitation soon.  We are bone dry.  The ponds are noticeably lower, the stream between them has stopped flowing, and a neighboring farmer just sucked one of his ponds dry today! 


Spank the Braves on these three HOT homestand games!


We pulled garlic last week and it looks good.  We took it to the barn today to finish curing so we could possibly have some available this week.  We'll have all the fixins for bruschetta before you know it! 

Thank you to all volunteers and supporters of our efforts.  We are humbled every day by the gift we get to share with all of you; safe, fresh food!

Michael and Emily and kids

Little Peace Farm